Friday, November 19, 2010

Aduh..ingin seperti penyanyi pujaan Malaya lah..

Kalo ada wife yang 'selengkap' ini suami
mana yang tak bangga kan?

Suara = Check!

Wajah = Check!
Peribadi = Check!
Kesihatan = Check!
Body = Of course, Check!!!

Semua wanita mampu sihat & cantik seperti
Dato CT. Dengarnya Dato CT ada 5 sets of PB.
Ye lah konsert jelajah sana sini mestilah harus
fit dan sihat senantiasa.
Tak percaya?

mari saya tunjukkan kepada kamu.
Runding cara diberi PERCUMA tau.
Jemput saya InsyaAllah saya akan sampai ke tempat kamu.

Ok, jom saya tunjuk cara pemakaian PB
kepada yang belum arif lagi ya.


Premium Beautiful Corset consists of
3 pieces of garments: long bra, waist nipper
and long girdle.

So how do you actually 'assemble' these 3 pieces in order to get
1 full corset that is able to burn 900 calories in 1 hour and
able to shape your body into hour glass figure?
The photos and description below show you how.


From the 3 pieces, you will
wear the Long Girdle first.

  1. Firstly, fold the top of the long girdle outwards.

  2. Put your legs in carefully and slowly pull the girdle up until you have reached your hips. Then you can unflod the folded part up to cover your tummy.

  3. Put one hand into the girdle and pull up the flesh to lift up your buttocks, while the other hand pushes from the outside.

  4. Once it's done, adjust the girdle so that that you are comfortable and ensure that the butterfly is aligned centre of your body.


Followed by the Long Bra:
  1. Bend down slightly so that your breasts can fill in the cup properly.

  2. Fasten all the hooks at your back.

  3. Put your hands into the cup and pull all the flesh from the back into the cup. Keep doing this until you can see you have a 'flat back' especially around the scapula area.

  4. Adjust the strap and back.

  5. Ensure that the diamond and butterfly is aligned to the centre of your body, following the long girdle, and you're done.


This will go on last.
  1. Fasten the hook on the waist nipper. The hooks is placed on the side of your body.

  2. Adjust the waist nipper and ensure that it is aligned with the diamond and butterfly from your long bra.

  3. Stand straight and pull the string to tighten.

  4. Hook the string at the front of your body.

Easy right?!?! And once you get the hang of it,

it only takes 5 minutes to put it on.


Call me for free demo and trial!!
0192655884 :)



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