Friday, November 12, 2010

Do not let people stop you!

” If u want to be success, you have to get used to frequently hearing the word NO and IGNORING IT. As a child, when your mother told you no,your father told u no,your husband told you no, the teacher told you no or the coach told you no..if you were a good little girl or boy, you will listened to the word no and stop doing it..

That is why 98% of adults are conditioned to stop when they hear the word no…Quitters do not get anywhere..You will not be successful if u listen to NO..

Successful people have to get real…successful people is not little girl or boy who cant make decision..To be success, we are the one who make the decision…not someone else even they are close to us..

The people that said no to you is actually said no to themselves..Maybe we think that they said no because they know whats the best for us..

But how do they know when they don’t experience it yet..Actually,they do that just because to further their own ends..

We are the one who want to be success and why must we let someone else to decide for us…

And if you want to be success…you must dare to do it..eventhough you don’t even know the outcome…

Successful people is just 2% of the world’s population…

So to be that 2%…you must be must be must dare to take any challenges..

" So do not let people stop you!!! ”

-Donald Trump..


peah @ peps Friday, November 12, 2010  

...suke all your ayat2 motivations neh..

Sukma SuKkma Friday, November 12, 2010  

Kena refer dgn org2 yg berjaya utk kita berjaya..

Donald trump,one of an inspirational people to me..his words is HUGE to me personally and glad u like it too :)


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