Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion Guru

Lagi suka yang lima ini. Oh..kalau lah bisa bergaya seperti
mereka. Suka sekali dengan setiap style mereka.
Sangat tersendiri.

Victoria Beckham - Singer, Fashion Designer
If you haven't got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels,
but do practice walking!
victoria beckham
kata aku : money can buy anything if you know how to use it.
She proves it!

Diana Rikasari - Fashion Blogger
"fashion should never be selfish. always dress down when needed."
diana rikasari
kata aku : dari gayanya, Diana seorang yang sangat optimistik
& positif. What a happy person!
(gambar atas) Dewi Utari dan Roberto Cavalli
Dewi Utari - Fashion Editor of Haper's Bazaar Indonesia
"Three words about me: Fearless, youthful, whatever"
dewi utari
kata aku : Memang sesuai dengan jawatan yang disandang.
Totally fashionista!

Alexa Chung - British Model, Presenter
"I hate dressing up. I never feel like me."
alexa chung
kata aku : sempoi dan sangat cool!

Talisha Quinta - Fashion Blogger
kata aku : Kecil-kecil si cili padi. This is the real
Gossip Girl. All branded stuff -
from LV to Gucci. No way!

p/s :

Army Jackets - suka suka...!



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