Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me And My City - tour of chic hot spots.

(Entry berbahasa Inggeris+kebangsaan)

Jangan lupa VOTED ok. Macam konpiden nih, padahal nan hadooo.
Ala saja memeriahkan majlis. Hehe. (padahal kau berangan
kan Sukma nak menang ke NY jumpa
geng Sex and the City nih)
This is the most amazing and convenience place that I choose to be a port for me and my friends to hanging out, gossiping, having fun. It’s located in Damansara and the main lane mark is IKEA & IKANO and for your information it’s linked through the bridge at level 1 to Cineleisure Damansara .The name is "THE CURVE ". It have everything here from shopping, movie and the best part is the choices of food is tremendous and most of the happening event is held in here it self, one of it is the Triumph Street Party which was superb. Take a look at the picture there, it’s happening right. Told ya. I like the way all the restaurant is located at the open space. Another unique style is the stalls in the middle of area called ‘The Street’ between all the restaurants. It is a sidewalk bazaar of stalls operated by local traders, selling an assortment of goods ranging from fashion cloths to house interior, and my favorite restaurant is "LITTLE PENANG because of the ASAM LAKSA... Wallaaa. And it’s good when I enjoy it with my crazy funny friends. Friendship.Fashion.Technology and All that is cool and chic.

My favorite HP tech chic gadget that will be perfect companion on my tour is HP mini 210 Crystal Black. Dazzling espresso black design makes this Laptop Computer the best-looking PC. It's dazzling!
Wahai teman2 kesayangan (wah bodek nih), tak rugi voted gue banyak2
sebab hadiah menarik menanti anda tahu.



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